Should have module Prestashop abandoned cart reminder 5 in 1

How many Prestashop abandoned carts are there in your Prestashop store? I guest it is greater than total orders. Most of customer didn’t buy a product at the first time they has a lot of reason to abandon their cart such as baby cry, compare price with other stores … Would you like to recover the cart?

Today, I would like to introduce a should have module that will help you to recover a abandonment cart. The module is Prestashop abandoned cart reminder 5 in 1 – You can remind your customer by 5 ways: browser notification, email, popup, sticky bar, browser tab notification

It uses remarketing method which is a clever way to reconnect with your potential customers. The approaches include showing up reminder pop-ups, sending emails to clients manually or automatically, setting up a schedule to send email automatically, customizing email content, sending voucher code, and more.

Remind abandoned cart manually

By using Prestashop abandoned cart reminder 5 in 1 module, you have a list of abandoned carts and client’s information in module management in your back office.

remind prestashop abandoned cart manually

If you want to send an email to a specific customer, you just need to click on “Send Mail” button (screenshot below). A popup will be displayed for filling in email content such as the message to your customer, voucher code, and so on.

Remind abandoned cart automatically

It obviously wastes a lot of time if you have to manually send each email to each customer, so our developer creates the sending emails automatically feature. The system will send reminder emails to your customer (or customer groups) based on cronjobs.

Clients have to check their email to be notified about their abandoned cart as well as discount code that your store provide. It will be in misery and loss potential clients if they don’t usually check their email or the email reminders go to spam folder.

Other methods to remind a abandoned cart

But this module gives you other ways to overcome. A reminder popup will be shown up after a specific delay time since client abandoned their carts. You can also setup to display popup reminder when customer intend exit. The popup is fully editable and you should add a voucher code to the popup.

You are also able to set up the browser’s notification to remind your customers even when they are visiting other web pages but not your store. The reminder is possible to work on mobile device.

I strongly recommend that your Prestashop website should use the prestashop abandoned cart  module as it will absolutely increase your sales as well as potential clients for your store.

Don’t forget to comment your opinion about the module and have a look at our review about Magento instagram shoppable extension. Try the extension if you are using Magento. It is absolute good ex 🙂


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